About Us

We appreciate all of the ingredients Mother Nature gives us and we recognize our responsibility to protect the environment. That's why we are focused on providing zero waste packaging options to our customers. We partner with restaurants to collect their used glass bottles, so we can recycle, sanitize and refill them with our premium oils and vinegar. 

From our partner farms to the packaging we use, Saffi Foods aims to reduce our carbon footprint, waste and any negative impact on our Earth.


We always seek the best for our products.  Saffi Foods oils & vinegars are undiluted and contain no fillers, sweeteners or other additives.

Saffi Foods products only use natural ingredients. Our products are high in original nutritional value, and are unadulterated, cold-pressed, and raw whenever possible.

 We find the best ingredients from around the world. Our olive oils and vinegars come from Chile, Spain, Mexico and various locations throughout the United States.

No need to sacrifice quality. Our oils and vinegars are trusted by Michelin Star restaurants and James Beard awarded chefs across the country, and our olive oil is internationally recognized as one of the best across the globe. Just take a look at some of our awards.

Whether you call it farm to plate, farm to table or farm to fork, we believe that each individual has the right to trace everything they put in their body back to the source.

That's why we work directly with our farms, use only clean, undiluted or mixed products and provide complete transparency of the source of our ingredients.