Meet Our Team

Sascha, Founder of Saffi Foods

After working with an olive oil farm in Chile, Sascha learned about the adulteration in the olive oil industry, which spans the entire food economy. She decided to start a company focused on providing chefs and restaurants with affordable ingredients that they could trust to be 100% real and never diluted.

A few years into her business, Sascha noticed that no oil or vinegar company focused on the bulk section. There were no options for customers like her, who wanted high quality ingredients in sustainable packaging. This led her to work with grocery stores to help redesign the entire bulk shopping experience.

Lastly, what if people want to buy directly from the supplier? How could she offer them a sustainable option? Where can she find durable, reusable containers that she could fill with my products over and over again? 

To learn more, check out our Zero Waste Collection.

Life Before Saffi
While studying at the John Felice Center in Rome, Sascha had the opportunity to intern with the UN World Food Programme. She later worked in the Trade Office at the Consulate of Chile, where she was introduced to the incredible world of Chilean food and wine. Post graduation, Sascha moved to Chile to work with an extra virgin olive oil producer. One opportunity led to another and Saffi Foods was born.


Scott, Production Coordinator

From bottling products, warehouse management and order processing, Scott  makes sure Saffi is running smoothly. He makes sure everyone gets their order intact and on time. Lucky for us, Scott is also our in-house Mr. Fix-It.  Fun Fact: Proud grandpa to seven grandkids.



Aliza, Social Media Manager

Aliza is Saffi's Social Media Manager, handling Saffi's voice and staying connected with all of our wonderful customers online. Fun Fact: She is a journalism major and has a dog named Benji!


 Tiffany, Operations Coordinator/Office Manager  

Tiffany keeps Saffi running by processing and fulfilling orders, managing our accounts, being our main customer support, and more. Fun Fact: She was a sociocultural anthropology major and loves learning about death rituals around the world. (She's shy, so here's a picture of her cat, Sebastian, in her stead.)